7/18/20231 min read


Day zero will be the date when the supply of free water will come to an end, and the right to this resource will begin to be rationed throughout the population. According to reports from the Mexico City Congress, the Mexican capital could run out of drinking water supply in the year 2028 if measures are not taken, the UN warns of the consequences on World Water Day, this will happen.

Is water going to run out in Mexico?

According to the Congress of Mexico City, drinking water could run out in 2028 as water stress is increasing, this term is applied when the demand for water is greater than what is available, or when its use is limited due to the poor quality of the resource.

What is Day Zero and when will it arrive? According to experts

Day zero is the date on which a city or certain population runs out of the amount of water they consume. José Antonio Ordoñez Díaz, professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, pointed out that one city in the country has reached its zero day, being Monterrey with its recent water crisis.

On the other hand, Mexico City may reach its "zero day" in 2028, so there is still time to propose and take measures to combat excessive water consumption.