Atmospheric Water Generator

agua potable
agua potable
agua del aire
agua del aire
agua alcalina
agua alcalina
agua de la humedad
agua de la humedad

Provides up to 30 liters daily

Provides up to 60 liters daily

Provides up to 250 liters daily

Provides up to 500 liters daily

Generation Process

Quality and health are not compromised when it comes to VitalWater


We are a manufacturer and marketer of technologies for sustainable development, leader in the environmental sector in Mexico.

We provide the use of natural resources through Atmospheric Condensation Systems, which allow us to capture the air from the environment, clean it and purify it by converting it into drinking water.

To be a consolidated and internationally recognized company in the development of technology and integration of self-sustainable systems, which will offer a development of new products and innovative services of high quality at competitive prices.

Satisfy the challenges and needs of our customers.


Benefits of purchasing our products

Better quality water

Alkalinity pH + 7.9

Disease Prevention

Cost Savings

Plastic Removal

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