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Alkaline water is a type of ionized water that acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. It has the ability to help the body eliminate acidic wastes produced by the natural process of digestion. This type of water has a negative ORP, which is an antioxidant that, thanks to the production of hydroxyl ions, favors the production of oxygen, helping to fight free radicals. It corrects the acid/alkaline balance of the body, regenerating cells and fighting different signs of aging. Alkaline water works as a natural antacid that helps neutralize acidity levels in the body. Maintaining a pH level prevents the development of many diseases and due to these properties it is attributed with benefits in the body such as:

Contributes to good digestion: Drinking alkaline water promotes the elimination of toxins and prevents them from accumulating again. In this way it takes care of the elimination of wastes from our organism. In addition, it promotes the digestion of food and neutralizes gastric hyperacidity.

Prevents diseases: The consumption of alkaline water can prevent frequent diseases because it slows cell aging and deterioration.

Prevents premature aging: The accumulation of toxins in our body slows down cell regeneration. This causes premature aging. Alkaline water, by promoting the elimination of these toxins and wastes, promotes good oxygenation of the cells and prevents aging. In addition, it also fights free radicals, which cause disease and premature aging.

Combats fluid retention: Drinking alkaline water frequently helps us to purify our body. Doing an effective detoxification to eliminate all acid residues, wastes and toxins that affect the health of our body and cause problems such as fluid retention. By promoting a pH balance of our body, the cells will not have the need to retain fluids to fight against acidosis and will kick-start the metabolism.

Prevents osteoporosis: Drinking alkaline water promotes the elimination of solid wastes such as uric acid and nephrolites through urine. This helps prevent problems such as osteoporosis. Its action allows the release of calcium that was trapped in these wastes, returning the alkaline pH to our blood.